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About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a system of healing originating in China that has been around for more than two thousand years.

In Traditional Acupuncture theory, any illness or symptom is viewed as a sign that the life force or qi energy in the body is out of balance. There is no separation of body and mind in this system of healing so symptoms such as anxiety or physical pain would both be viewed as signs of imbalance. The aim of an acupuncture treatment is to balance the body's qi energy to help restore health. When balance is restored acupuncture can be used to help support good health and make you feel even better.

The style of Acupuncture I practice uses very thin needles and gentle insertion techniques. Most people find the needling to be a lot less uncomfortable than they imagined and feel quite relaxed after treatment.


I started treatments with Linda when I was suffering from very low moods due to being in a stressful job and dealing with some personal troubles, coupled with bad lower back pain. She took a detailed history from me and treated everything I told her with total confidence whilst showing compassion. During the course of treatment I found my mood being lifted, my sleep pattern regulated which in turn helped me get through very stressful days within my work and also my personal life. My back pain also lessened during this time.
I would highly recommend Linda to other potential clients, as I did to my family who also benefited from having treatments from her. T.P. Essex

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